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Device works awesome, I slept way better!   

      –Robin A. Silva

No more complaints from wife about my snoring!  

      –Danilo Espiritu

Great service and support with oral device.  If you have snoring or sleep apnea issues, I would highly recommend Dr. Nagata. He and his staff are the “best”!  

      –Ronald Walker

I wasn’t sure how effective the device would be, but after only a few nights I noticed an improvement in the quality of my sleep and no more snoring! It’s a great product and I’m glad I’m using it.    –Matthew Mossean

Did not believe appliance would work.  I gave it a try. Best night sleep I’ve had!  I did not think I could sleep with the appliance in my mouth. I not only fell asleep right away, but slept through the entire night without waking up.  –William Spray

Slept thru first night with no snoring!  –George Weeks

Since using the device, my spouse says I have stopped snoring and I have more dreams!  –Ed Noh

I’m so glad I did this procedure (Nightlase therapy).  It was for me painless. No problems at all.  And I can breathe much easier. I sleep better. IT’s just amazing.  I just can’ t use the device (CPAP) at night.  Thanks Dr. Nagata, you’re the best!  –Camille Ano

I like it much better than previous appliance and CPAP.     –Brian Owen

I believe it has helped to lower my blood pressure. I wake up less often during the night.   –Twyla Chun

The Oral appliance have been more successful than my surgeries and have eliminated my sleep apnea.  Sleeping better, and waking up less.  –Richard Kishale

Compared to my previous TAP device, this new devise is more precise and easier to clean and adjust.   –Gordon Burton

Oral appliance is very helpful and easy to use. Much better than a CPAP.  Also much more effective than an earlier appliance I had.  –Kevin Mulligan

The snoring stopped the first day. My husband was going to the guest room to get away from my snoring. Now he sleeps with me all night!   I’ve had trouble going to sleep and sleeping all night before this appliance.  Now I go to sleep and stay asleep.   –Beckie Kowalski

Wow, so much better.  I believe a much better alternative to CPAP machine. –Daniela Allen

The sleep appliance has boosted my energy levels. And is not uncomfortable like I thought it might be. I’m glad I finally got the sleep I needed.  –Kawika Spalding

I love wearing my appliance. My sleep has improved beyond words!  I’m dreaming again and feeling refreshed every day.  –Josiah Shibley

I fall asleep faster now that I have started using the appliance, an average of 10 minutes.  It’s very easy to adjust the appliance with the built in tool.  My sleep is definitely much better.   –Phillip Plymale

Appliance work excellent!  Took sleep study with oral appliance and there are no more issues with sleep apnea anymore.   James Nakamura

The device works great!    –Aaron Trevino

Awesome!  Appliance is great.  Don’t have to worry about carrying a huge machine or waiting for connectivity to come back up with CPAP machine.  Sleep is improved dramatically and I don’t have any discomfort on my jaw.  Thanks for your support!  –Oscar Mapule Jr.

This oral appliance is much better than wearing CPAP mask.  Appliance is comfortable and sleep is much better.   –Patricia Kamai

Much more comfortable than the previous HERBST appliance!   –Brian Wurster

Feel more rested and adjustments feel comfortable and effective.  –Ryan Jones

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